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Who Is Hamza Bhatti?



Who is Hamza Bhatti?

In this article, you know about Who Is Hamza Bhatti?

Starting Steps of Hamza Bhatti

Hamza Bhatti is a Well-Known Food blogger and full-time video creator from Pakistan. But you know Hamza Bhatti is a content creator from 2017, He uploaded his first Vlog/Video on Sep 13, 2018, on youtube and Facebook. He is doing content creation part-time with his full-time job. In the start, he made videos on freelancing, motivation, and some daily routine of his life, He earn some money from monetization but was not a successful content creator, But he don’t stop making content regular and in 2022 Ramzan, He started food review video and going viral day by day and within days he gained 100K Followers on Instagram then he left his job and started making regular content as a full-time content creator and started his own office and hire some professional videographer, Photo, and video editor & all the need for an office, And become a full-time content creator. Now he is having a huge fan base as a Bhatti army, Now he has more than 300K Followers on Instagram and the numbers are going up with every second. He is most famous for his dialogue #DadhoMazoAyo. His Ramzan series is soo amazing and viral all over social media platforms. Nowadays he is started his new unboxing series with the name undabbafy.

Who is Hamza Bhatti

Which Things You Need to be a Good Food Blogger

According to Food bloggers which things you need to be a good Food Blogger & Influencer

  • A Crazy love and craze for food To be a successful food influencer. You should be willing to explore different types of cuisines, ingredients, and cooking techniques to create a unique Taste.
  • Be Cinematic with food photography. Food blogging is all about to showing the best with your photography skills and giving a new taste to your followers with your video review. You should know how to make high-quality Review shots of your food and how to do photo and video editing to enhance your food review.
  • presence on Social media platforms is essential for food bloggers and influencers to build Strong Followers from all over the world. You should have a strong presence on these Apps and know how to use social media and how to engage with your followers.
  • create engaging captions for your social media food review posts, you need to have excellent writing skills. You should be able to make captions with some unique style and give them a taste through your words in a way that makes your audience want to try them.
  • You need to be up-to-date with the latest food trends, techniques, and hacks. You should know about some new shops and something new in the market and be the first to review the newly thing newly things are more likely than old try something new for your audience
  • Engage with other food bloggers, chefs, and food industry professionals and collaboration with them can be beneficial for your career. It will boost your communication level and your social media appearance. Meet with new coming food bloggers.
  • You need to have a unique & Crazy perspective on food. You should able to bring something different and new to the table and offer your audience to try something different they can’t find anywhere else.

The Uniqueness of his Content

His Unique Style of making food reviews are crazy and having a huge number of fans from all over the world, He earned too many awards as well as Followers and recently He Got the Best Food Blogger of the year From Pakistan. Pakistan has a rich culinary tradition that is influenced by its geography, history, and culture. In Pakistan, most people like Biryani is a flavorful rice dish that is cooked with spices, meat (chicken, beef, or mutton), and sometimes vegetables.

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