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Virat Kohli is Still Best Batter says Babar Azam



Virat Kohli is Still Best Batter says Babar Azam

India has too much craze for Cricket & Entertainment, whereas India has given too many Best Cricketers to World Cricket under all formats of International Cricket Council (ICC). In these cricketers, right-handed Batsman Virat Kohli (nickname – Cheeku) has not been his competitor in India’s Cricket history. Virat Kohli is a native Indian who plays as an International Cricketer for India’s Cricket team and is famous as King of Cricket in all cricket formats i.e. Test match, ODI (One-Day International), and T20 (Twenty-Twenty). Kohli is the former Captain of the India National Cricket Team. During his captaincy career, he proved by his performance and dedication, that he is the most successful captain in all formats for the Indian Cricket Team.

Presently, Kohli is ranked 5th number among the top 100 ODI players. Virat Kohli is on top of the list of the most followed person on Instagram in India i.e more than 212 million followers. Babar Azam (ranked 1st in ODI) said for Virat Kohli on eve of the Block-Buster match India vs Pakistan in Asia Cup 2022.

Virat Kohli is on top of the list

“Virat is still one of the best batters in world cricket,”

Further, Baber Azam said,

“Nothing is easy in life. There are challenges everywhere. It is up to you how you achieve things in life and how you overcome the challenges you face. “.

Virat is still one of the best batters in world cricket

Virat made the record of the fastest 1000 runs in ODI in 27 innings while this record has broken by Pakistani Cricketer Baber Azam and made a new record of the fastest 1000 runs in just 26 innings of ODI matches.

Virat nicknames – Chiku, Cheeku, Goat, King of Cricketer

Virat is born on November 05, 1988, in Delhi (capital city of India). His current age is 33 years. Kohli married the gorgeous actress of Bollywood Anushka Sharma.

Virat Kohli’s Career Journey

At the start, Virat debuted in an ODI match against Sri Lanka (Dumbulla, 2008). In 2010, he debut his T20 career in 2010 against Zimbabwe, after that in 2011 Kohli’s debut test was in Kingston (India vs West Indies). Kohli was first time nominated for ranked 1st in the ICC rankings ODI batsman in 2013. Only Batsman who won the title of “Man of the Tournament” two times in the ICC World T20 2014 as well as ICC World T20 2016. Another world record was also earned by the Virat i.e. the fastest 23000 runs in ODI innings.

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