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Aliza Sehar

Aliza Sehar is a Pakistani YouTuber who makes videos of village life and cooking videos. She is a simple girl from a village in Punjab Pakistan. Most of her Subscribers are from out of the country because foreign people like nature & and rural life. Aliza was born in a small village in Punjab, Pakistan. She mentioned her birth date of 15 March 2003 on Instagram. She is too much popular in the youtube creators community as a rural life daily vlogger.

Aliza Sehar Relationship Status is single or married we don’t know because she never reveals her personal life to her subscribers & community. She is having more than 800K community on social media and earns passive income from Social media as a creator. She earns through Youtube Monetization, Brands Promotions & Sponsors. Aliza Sehar Joined Youtube on Jan 4, 2017, And posted her first video on Jul 9, 2019 She is gained 187Million Views now and the number of subscribers and views is growing every day. She is on the 397th number in the Pakistan Youtuber community.

She is posting regular videos on youtube of cooking and daily life routine vlogs type. Aliza normally creates content at home with her mom and some other family members and does home routines like cooking, house cleaning, DIY craft, and rural life problems and benefits. She is so popular in Pakistan as a Rural Daily vlogger and most people know her by not his name but by her channel name Aliza Sehar Vlogs. She is beautiful and normally wears desi suits like shalwar kameez, not too fashionable. She earns more than 1000$ From only youtube as a content creator and round about 1000$ from Sponsors. She is having 1.6 Million Followers and 20.5 Million Likes on TikTok. She is having more than 2 million followers on social media apps.

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