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How To Be Successful In Life?



how to be successful in life

Ideation is always considered the first step toward any project. In the project of self-realization and setting ‘Future Goals’, first of all, one must make up his mind and chalk-out plans in a critical manner about his personality traits meeting his FUTURE GOALS.

It is also a considerable thing that you don’t know how to make up your mind about the future because, unfortunately, in these contemporary times, you don’t have time for ‘yourself’ and this is the main reason for failure to set and achieve our goals. People may dream about something big, but as the idea without a plan is merely a ‘Wish’ or ‘Desire’, therefore, we may start with aligning our daily routine to achieve our future goals.

The first step is, even recommended by most successful people, to rise up early in the morning, and when we see the Sun rising in the sky, at least twice a week initially, the frequency should be increased with time.

We must knock our thought by pouring these questions to ourselves:

Why am I leading a loser’s life?

Why I don’t do anything for me, for my ‘self’?

What is distracting me from my goals?

After realizing and aligning your subconscious, you can think over your life routine and future goals. Start giving, at least, one hour daily to ‘You’, to ‘Yourself’ with full focus. You would realize soon after month, just after one month, that you are aligning your life patterns to your future goals.

Wish You Good Luck Every Day

Practice Gratitude, to You and to Everyone

Author: Aurang Zaib Ashraf Shami – Lawyer, Coach, Master Practitioner (NLP & Hypnosis), And Certified Master Reiki Healer –

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