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Arshad Nadeem Won The Gold | Four Names, Four Stories



Arshad Nadeem
Four Names, Four Stories


People in every society may be divided into two categories: those who constantly complain about the system and their circumstances and spend their entire lives looking for a breakthrough; and those who not only aim high but also take appropriate actions to make their dreams a reality. Instead, they put forth a great deal of effort to satisfy their promises and eventually end up being successful in their career. It is probably a flaw of the human psyche that it concentrates more on negative things and usually ignores the positive things, resulting in it being advantageous that we pursue the people who achieve their goals in a positive way so that we can do something positive and big in our lives by being inspired by them. Instead of thinking of yourself as a loser by birth, don’t wave your hands and sit and criticize the rulers and the system. Instead, think of yourself as a person who is destined to achieve. Take a look since this introduction was written with the intention of bringing to your attention the faces of certain Pakistani individuals who, at a very tender age, made the decision to embark on a career that would define their future and career.



Arshad Nadeem is a Pakistani athlete who competes internationally. In the national tournament, Arshad Nadeem is Pakistan’s representative. In the Javelin Throw Competition at the Commonwealth Games in 2022, Arshad Nadeem won the Gold Medal and set a new record by throwing 90.18 meters. This record had stood for 24 years. Too many well-known people from Pakistan sent their congratulations to Arshad Nadeem and said that they would be awarding Arshad Nadeem with Cash Awards. The fact that Arshad Nadeem was able to succeed despite having an injured elbow as well as a lack of appropriate facilities and expert coaching makes the country proud.

Arshad Nadeem



After putting in a lot of effort in his profession from Sialkot all the way to Islamabad, Salman Baig traveled directly to Alibaba. At the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board, also known as KPITB, he worked as a Digital Marketing Strategist and a Trainer. He is an acknowledged Researcher in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Salman Baig has just begun his role as Head of SEO for the South Asian Region at Alibaba, a multinational website that is specialized in online commerce. The fact that as a result of his arduous efforts and unwavering perseverance, he has attained this milestone, and his accomplishments are being reported in media sources all over the world and making Pakistanis proud

Salman Baig



The road that Shafiqa Iqbal, a data engineer who is twenty-four years old and hails from Sadiqabad, took to get to Google is rather fascinating. In the Google headquarters in Poland, where there are a total of 1300 employees, Shafiqa is the only Pakistani of the bunch. It is noteworthy to note that he did not get a referral from anybody and he did not submit his CV to anyone; rather, Google reached out to him via his LinkedIn page. Make a guess as to how large of a corporation in the globe will get in touch with the employee and give them a position, how much money the person will have, and how knowledgeable the employee will be in their profession. She claims that there is no dearth of talent among the people of Pakistan, but there are neither multinational corporations nor the top employees of such organizations working here. Since there are many individuals working here from Bangladesh and India who are driven for the young of their country, that is why she claims that she is willing to guide any honorable servant. Shafiqa reports that the internet unexpectedly went down during the last interview for her job, which was being performed online, but happily, she was not bothered by this development. That is to say, she has also arrived there after enduring circumstances that are quite similar to the ones that cause us to weep. It is fortunate for us that she is representing us, and we need to take our cues from her.

Shafiqa Iqbal



Not just in the field of technology, but also in international sports, Pakistan is making its name. Most recently, Noah Dastgir Butt of Gujranwala earned a Gold Medal in the Super Heavy-Weight Category at the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham. Through his achievement of lifting 405 kg, he has brought honor to Pakistan and established a new record for the Commonwealth. On social media, he is receiving a lot of love, and rightfully so, because he deserves it.

Noah Dastgir butt


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