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Arisha Razi Khan Ties The Knot

Arisha Razi Khan Ties The Knot



Arisha Razi Khan Worked on too many drama projects with different channels. She is worked in this field since his childhood. Arisha starts his career in drama Main Abdul Qadir Hoon (2010) & did great act in many drama projects including Chupke Chupke (HUM TV), Kam Zarf (Geo TV), Raaz E UIfat (Geo TV), Baba Jani (Geo TV) and Malkin (Geo TV)

Arisha Razi Khan Ties The Knot

Recently Arisha Razi Khan ties the knot with Abdullah Farrukh who is not from this industry. The nikkah ceremony was private event and it was attended by Family Members only. The couple is looking so adorable & Sweet and She is wearing a Beautiful Pastel color maxi and silver color jewellry. Let’s Have A look

Why Have Issues With Photographers?

The Nikkah Event moments of Arisha Khan were posted on social media by ‘Studio86th’ and went viral across the internet. After this, According to Arisha, she is not given any permission to photographers to upload any kind of content on social media. Arisha Khan’s Instagram Story

Arisha Razi Khan

In The Other Side Studio86th Share The proofs on instagram story

Arisha Razi Khan





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