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How To Start Cleaning Business In Pakistan



how to start cleaning business in pakistan


I have been part of the cleaning business since 2005. The idea was conceived along with my friends, considering we all were associated with this job at the airport. We had sound experience and technical knowledge on how we decided to establish our own business. In the beginning, we struggled, but after a while succeeded in getting our first engagement with a banking entity. Since then, we have derived a lot of business, mainly from the banking sector. Now we have more than 500+ employees across Pakistan. All are going in the right direction.



The cleaning business has become an industry in Pakistan. Everything around us, such as buildings, houses, airports, railway stations, marriage halls, dams, cantonment areas, road infrastructures, automobiles, schools, hospitals, furniture, green belts, etc. – requires cleaning. In the fiscal year 2021-22 cleaning business companies made immense revenue and contributed to the country’s economy. Altogether, the cleaning business has massive potential in Pakistan. Additionally, it’s very comfy to start by taking the following steps:


Step – 1

Make the intent to start this business. Have interaction with people already involved in the cleaning business. Research to determine initial cost. Share your idea with friends and relatives. To get technical knowledge, one should visit cleaning website(s). We can find a diverse range of locally available machines and tools, very cost-effective and even second-hand ones.


Step – 2

Register your business with concerned local authorities like the Registrar of Firms, SECP, or as a proprietorship. You may explore such details on the internet too. If you think you can do all the process yourself, that’s amazing. However, if you need help, you may hire a person or a specific lawyer. It will only cost you PKR 30K to 50K, depending on what type of business you intend to register. All you need to provide is CNIC, a letterhead page, copy of the utility bill of the business place. Don’t worry if you don’t have a dedicated site for your business; you can choose your house address as a business place. The crucial thing you can do is to establish a partnership firm that will mitigate the associated risks. It will also help you manage the business efficiently and spare time to meet other commitments in life.


Step – 3

Following the registration of your company, you need to hit likely clients. You can find clients through the internet and newspapers and discuss your business in close circles. I hope you will soon find a client. I observed the first client is relatively challenging to hunt, but once you do, it will keep going.



We need to understand though the cleaning business has excellent potential, it also brings competition. There are so many companies working in this field. You may get clients early and start your business. But the important thing is to provide quality service to your clients. It will boost your business, and you can attract more clients to grow your profile. Starting a business and making clients is not all about the company. The most significant aspect is to make your business sustainable by providing the best services to your clients. It will not only grow your income but also do your business.


After getting a good experience, you can add on other services. That includes high-rise glass cleaning, fumigation, home cleaning, car wash, and more. The cleaning business has dozens of fields that could be considered to grow your business. More importantly, it could be expanded across the country.


Being part of the cleaning business industry, I suggest people get into the cleaning business, which does not require huge investments. Furthermore, easy to manage, and the workforce is available everywhere.


I hope this article will be helpful for people who want to start a new business with minimum investment.



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